Honeywell FS90

Type: Multiplex Fire Alarm Control Panel

Manufacturing Date: 7/18/1994

Networking Protocol: Honeywell F&S Bus, compatible with Delta 1000 and Excel Plus

Zones: 10

NAC's: 4

Digital Outputs: 8

Power Supply: (2x) 7.0A

Relays: 6 programmable

Built-In Communicator: Transmitter card has a Masterbox 100MA shunt loop plus relays for an external communicator




About this panel:

The Honeywell DeltaNet FS90 was introduced in 1986 and was a revolutionary concept for the time. An FS90 system can control fire alarm, smoke control, security, and access control functions, and can consist of an individual standalone fire alarm panel (as is this one), a series of FS90 panels networked over the F&S Bus, or a standalone/network of data gathering panels (DGP) in a Delta 1000 complete building automation system. It can also communicate with the Excel Plus HVAC control system. It essentially did what the 2120 tried to do, but to a far greater degree and was actually used for all of its features unlike many "do-it-all" multiplex systems of the time. The FS90 can be conventional and/or addressable (the latter was advertised as the FS90 Plus) with voice evacuation available as an option and is entirely modular. An LCD display with a keypad and printer, firefighter's command center, and CRT graphic workstation were also available as options. Each motherboard supports 8 cards, each of which have a strip of 8 terminals above that change function depending on the card. Programming requires DeltaNet CAE software and an EEPROM burner. Honeywell stopped manufacturing parts for these systems in the 2000's, but they can still be found in some of the largest buildings in the world thanks to their reliability. They're actually quite simple to wire and the cards are fairly "plug 'n play", though you have to live with whatever programming was assigned to the system (I don't have the software...yet). 

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