Gamewell-FCI 7100

Type: Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel

Manufacturing Date: 2008

Cabinets: 2x (standard surface-mount and slim flush-mount)

Point Capacity: 197 (expandable to 394)

SLC Protocol: System Sensor

Networking Protocol: NetSOLO

NAC's: 2

Power Supply: 3.35A

Relays: Alarm and Trouble

Coding Options: Continuous, Temporal, 60BPM and 120BPM March Time, Coded Fours, California Code, User-Defined Zone Coding

Synchronization Support: System Sensor, Wheelock, Gentex, Faraday, and Amseco

Built-In Communicator: Yes

Programming: Front-Panel or RS-232


About this panel:

The 7100 was introduced in 1998 by FCI and was assimilated into the Gamewell-FCI lineup when the two companies merged in 2005. However, they have not changed much since the FCI days. They don't really need to, since the 7100 is a great panel for small to mid-size addressable applications and is very easy to program from the keypad or software. 7100's can be used as standalone panels or can be integrated into a NetSOLO Broadband voice system with the addition of a network card. The general design is quite similar to the E3 - in fact, the 7100 annunciator will operate on E3 systems. I imagine that the 7100 will soon be discontinued or replaced with a smaller non-expandable E3 "lite" panel. Similar competitor panels include the Simplex 4010, Fire-Lite MS-9200UDLS, EST iO500, and Silent Knight 5820XL. 

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