Simplex 2001

Type: Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel

Manufacturing Date: 1982

Zones: 4 (have 4 additional cards)

NAC's: 2 (have 1 additional card)

Power Supply: 8A

Relays: 2 relay cards (not currently installed)

Coding Options: March Time, Continuous

Synchronization Support: None



The 2001 was introduced in 1978 and is not unlike many of the solid-state modular conventional systems of the time. With a variety of modules and cabinet sizes available, they were very flexible. Voice evacuation and a built-in alphanumeric matrix printer were available as options. Each motherboard supports 8 cards. Additional card functionality is gained via a series of solder points next to each slot. Jumper cables are soldered between slots for the cards to interact with each other, though they aren't nessecary for a standard default system configuration. Each card slot gets its own 6 terminals on the strip below which change function depending on the card that's installed. Smaller systems are fairly straightforward to wire, though larger panels can become confusing with several hundred terminals across multiple motherboards. The 2001 was phased out for new installations around 1986, but they remain pretty reliable systems.

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