Simplex 4010

Type: Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel

Manufacturing Date: 2010

Point Capacity: 250

SLC Protocol: Simplex IDNet

Networking Protocol: Compatible with 4100U Network

NAC's: 4

Power Supply: 4A

Relays: 2 Programmable

Coding Options: Continuous, Temporal, Fast March Time, Slow March Time (60BPM March Time available for SmartSync TrueAlert horns)

Synchronization Support: Simplex SmartSync

Built-In Communicator: Yes

Programming: Front-Panel or RS-232


About this panel:

The 4010 was introduced in 1998 and remains Simplex's most popular fire alarm panel. This is because it can cover just about any small to mid-size application and can be installed and wired by a contractor prior to being programmed by a Simplex tech. From a design perspective, it's probably my favorite. The build quality of the hardware is surperior to most competitors and the software is very well thought out. It's a nice system for collectors since it's easy to program and the passcodes can always be reset using a simple key combination (for liability reasons, contact me if you're a collector and would like to know how). The 4010 can become part of a 4100ES network with the addition of a card and can also support addressable TrueAlerts when connected to a TrueAlert IDNet controller. Similar competitor panels include the Fire-Lite MS-9200UDLS, Gamewell-FCI 7100, and Siemens FireSeeker.

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